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Hartwig Newsletter 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you have all had a GREAT 2010. We have enjoyed the year and love the Christmas season. Here is a run down of the events of 2010.

David had a productive year with Hartwig Engineering and also worked a contract job with Salt River Project with lots of exciting project. He is currently working for Stantec, a company that provides the support for Copper, gold and silver mines. He is still on the High Council and assigned to help with the hospital support. He visits and comforts the sick who are in the hospital. He loves to camp with the boys. On December 23th David had surgery on his shoulder to clean up a bone spur and reattach a muscle.  He is recovering very well.  We all appreciate all that David does for us.

David had arm surgery on Dec. 23th, 2010

David & Jacob at Disney Land on New Year's Eve 2009

David Hartwig in 2010

David is reading a script for a Primary Party

David and Carol Hartwig March of 2010

Carol feels like the years go faster and faster, wasn’t I just writing this for 2009? I am now the Webelo Leader in the Cub Scout program and have a super nice group of boys to work with. I am enjoying my grandchildren and the friendship I have with my sons. David is a wonderful husband who supports and protects us. I am very appreciative of his capable ways. I have made over 70 quilts now, starting with small rag quilts. I am learning more everyday. Very Fun! I traveled to Utah over Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Dean Russel and enjoyed the snow and cool weather.  The year was enjoyable with Matthew’s wedding and many family events.  I feel very blessed.

Carol’s 2010 Quilting Class

Carol Loves the Temple

Carol with 3 grandsons and one son – Jacob


Robert Earl (our oldest son) is a successful employee at Go –Daddy.  Robert also is a salesman for Life Vantage (protadim)  He has worked and worked many hours in the evening.  As a reward for Robert was chosen as one of the top salesmen out of hundreds and hundreds to go on a FREE trip with his wife to Las Vegas.  Life Vantage paid all the expenses.   It was a Great Honor to be chosen.  Rob & Tessa work together as  the nursery leaders of one of the nurseries in their ward.  The ward has 5 nurseries.   They have our three grandsons who are as darling as they come.   They are so smart and sweet.  Tessa is still a great photographer and mother.    A very beautiful family. A big Thanks to Rob for teaching me how to make this blog with all these wonderful pictures.  The e-mail could not hold hardly any pictures so Rob worked really hard to help me get all this ready. Robert is truly an honorable son.

My 3rd grandson, Landon Hartwig age 1

The three grandson in California, Michael, Nathan and Landon - Robert's sons

My daughter-in-Law, Tessa Hartwig, A real jewel

The Robert Hartwig Family at Matthew's wedding March 2010


Dean Russel (our second son)  just recently moved to Arizona from Utah.   He is attending ITT Technical University.  He is getting a degree in drafting. He is single and enjoying the friendship of many people and his 6 brothers.   He is very talented at writing poetry. Russel has a web site with his poetry at   He has won some contests and has written many, many poems. He loves to ride his bike and goes long distances.  Russel is a righteous, good person.

David Hartwig with his 7 sons

The original David Hartwig Family in 2010


Matthew Scott (our 3rd son) had the most exciting event this year. On March 19, 2010 Matt  married his love, Kylie in the Arizona Temple.  They are a beautiful couple inside and out.   They are enjoying their new ward.   Kylie is the Bear Scout leader.  ( one of my favorite callings)  Matthew is a Primary teacher for the 6 year olds. (another great calling)   Matt earned his Masters Degree this year , got married, had eye surgery,  moved three times, and learned how to do web designs, Wow, what a wonderful year for you Matt!

Matthew proposed at the San Diego Temple

They are a cute couple

Matt & Kylie Hartwig at their reception

The beautiful Cake -

At the AZ Temple - Matt & Kylie Hartwig


Bradley Alan (our 4th son) is in his Senior year at ASU for his degree in Applied Mathematics.  Bradley has some real brains.  Brad is very capable, getting great grades and serving in the Army Reserve.  This summer he drove a large Army hummer on the Freeway in California.  (quite the experience)    He is working  at Amazon. com as a supervisor for the holidays. Brad also helped with our rental house this summer.  He did some electrical and attic work.  It was a big help.   Our sweet little Maggie ( the only Granddaughter)  is growing up to be  very beautiful and kind !  She is wearing her riding helmet.  She loves horses.  We are very PROUD of Brad.   He is a wonderful son !

Bradley with his Dad

Brad worked at the Palmer house - we had to remove all the insulation from the attic and replace it with new !

Brad removing Attic insulation at Palmer


Ryan David (our 5th son) is a senior at ASU.  He will have a bachelor’s degree in Speech and hearing science.   There is a nation wide shortage in that degree and Ryan will be in high demand with his bilingual skills.  Ryan has been serving as a ward missionary and visited Mexico City (where he served his mission) for a few weeks over the New Year’s Holiday.   He worked hard at many jobs this year-1. He was an account executive for the State Press newspaper & sold advertising space to local businesses – 2. He sold  pest control in Denver over the summer  3.  Ryan worked for as a Supervisor for this Christmas holiday – it was truly Santa’s work shop.  Some of the departments wrapped 4,000 presents a day.   Ryan also currently  serves as President for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association and volunteered for many local political  campaigns.  Ryan is a very accomplished person.

Ryan is in front of his Westwood T-shirt quilt I made for him for Christmas

Eric is a Great Barber but Ryan look worried about his hair cut.  It turned out perfect.

The seven brothers at Matt's wedding 2010


Eric James ( our 6th son) is a senior at Dobson High school. He has lots of really great friends, was an excellent player on the Dobson High school volley ball team last Spring.  Eric is very athletic.  He repaired a track bike and likes taking long bike rides, fifteen miles and more.  He worked hard this summer painting and replacing the insulation in the attic of our rental house that had a hostage situation.  The police worked hard to keep everyone safe but in the mean time every window, frame and door was destroyed and 36 pepper bombs were put into the house,  plus 20 pepper bombs were put into the attic.   Our Allstate insurance was wonderful and after a long, hard summer of work, we have a beautiful home with new windows, flooring and paint.  Eric did an excellent job painting and working for us.  2010 was the year that Eric finished his EAGLE.  He did a big, hard project at Canyon Lake cleaning up dry, dead brush.  Lots of people came to help and the Park Rangers were so HAPPY.   Eric also worked for political campaigns this year.  He is serving in the Priest Quorum and getting ready for his mission.   Eric is a hard working, capable son.

Eric with a good friend- Grant Dexter

The men at Prom

Eric went to Mormon Prom and had a Great Time

Eric was a great player on the Dobson Volley Ball team

Eric worked hard on the Palmer House repair, he painted and removed the insulation from the attic

Eric jumps high for the Dobson Volley Ball team


Jacob Ellis ( our 7th son)  is really enjoying scouts.  He loves to hike and camp and work on merit badges.  He earned his family life (Mother’s favorite), carpentry and cinematography merit badge this summer.  He also earned his tenderfoot,  2nd class and almost his 1st class.  He will turn 12 on January 2nd so we are looking forward to him passing the sacrament and enjoying the Young Men’s program.  He is getting very accomplished at playing the piano and trombone.  He also plays a little accordion.   He worked at  painting our rental house and learned many new skills. The other painters saved the closets for him.   Jacob was the Student Body President for his Elementary School this year.  He also won 1st place in the school spelling bee.  Jacob has had a GREAT year !

Jacob on a Hike to Piccachio Peak with a friend Hyrum Parry

Jacob at the Palmer House that he painted and painted on. The painters saved the tight closets for Jacob. His nephew , Nathan and dog, Cricket are visiting.

David, Carol, Eric and Jacob at a Court of Honor 2010

(David did not have a black eye, somehow it is a photo problem)

Jacob enjoys playing the trombone

Jacob is the Student Body President at Franklin at Alma, the Principal is Mrs. Kelly

The DAVID HARTWIG FAMILY wishes you a Happy 2011

David, Carol, Robert, Dean Russel, Matthew, Brad, Ryan and Jacob Hartwig

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